Hannibal Regional Helps Local Resident Lose 49 Pounds


Thanks to Registered Dietitian Kristy Taylor and the Weight Management Program at Hannibal Regional, Russell McCoy has lost a lot of weight without having to go on a diet. Russell has struggled with his weight for as long as he can remember. Every few years he would make up his mind to lose weight and commit to trying a new diet plan. Whatever diet plan he chose to follow, he was always successful at losing weight. “In addition to the weight loss, dieting made me feel better mentally and physically. However, as soon as I would stop following the recommended diet plan, I would put all the weight right back on.”

 “When I hit my mid-fifties, I felt like something wasn’t right. I finally decided to swallow my pride and scheduled an appointment with my doctor,” shares Russell. A few days after his exam, the doctor’s office called to inform him he had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. “I was convinced that pre-diabetes wasn’t too bad and with a little medication I would have it beat in no time.” Several years after being diagnosed with pre-diabetes his blood sugar continued to increase and he was still gaining weight. “I wasn’t sure how I was going to reverse the trend, but I knew I needed to do something,” said Russell.

 Last September Russell saw an article on the weight management program offered by the registered dietitians at Hannibal Regional Hospital. After reading the article he decided to schedule a private consultation with one of the dietitians to learn more about the program. The eight week program is designed to give each person a better understanding of nutrition, exercise, food groups, eating habits, and how to apply this knowledge to support a new lifestyle. “I’m proud to say I was able to lose 28 pounds in eight weeks. It’s truly amazing to be able to lose weight and still eat the foods I want to eat without following a strict diet plan.”

 Even though Russell has completed the weight loss program, his journey is just beginning. He continues to stay focused on his healthy lifestyle by attending Hannibal Regional’s weight management support group that meets once a week. These meetings are led by the registered dietitians at the hospital and cover a wide variety of topics to help educate you on healthy eating, exercise, and weight management. “I was hooked from the start and I make an effort to attend each week. This weight loss support group is exactly what I needed to stay committed to my new lifestyle. After 11 months, I have now lost 49 pounds and my blood sugar is under control.” The first thing Russell likes to share with people when they ask him about his weight loss is, “I’m not on a diet, I’ve simply changed my lifestyle. It’s really the greatest diet I’ve NEVER been on!”

Hannibal Regional offers a variety of weight management services. To learn more about this eight week program and our other nutrition services, contact Registered Dietitian Kristy Taylor, at 573-629-3382.