Home Health Care

A home health provider talks to an elderly woman sitting on her couch.

Hannibal Regional Healthcare System is proud to continue caring for the patients in our community even after they have been discharged from the hospital. Hannibal Regional Home Care medical professionals will provide skilled nursing or therapeutic treatments in the comfort of the patient’s own home.

Since 1990, Hannibal Regional Hospital’s Home Health professionals have been dedicated to providing compassionate care that helps return patients to the lifestyle and activities they enjoy!

Hannibal Home Health Services is:

  • Medicare certified
  • Missouri Medicaid certified
  • Licensed by Departments of Health in Missouri and Illinois
  • Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
  • Member, National Association for Home Care
  • Member, Missouri Alliance for Home Care
  • Member, Illinois Home Care Council

Medical Equipment

Your doctor may prescribe special equipment to aid in your healing. Hannibal Medical Supplies has a full line of high quality durable medical equipment with a professionally trained staff to help you select your equipment and supply needs. Some of the supplies they can provide include home oxygen therapy, compression stockings, orthopedic products, and aids for daily living. Hannibal Medical Supplies can bill to insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

Hannibal Medical Supplies is located at 118 Steamboat Bend Shopping Center in Hannibal. For more information call Hannibal Medical Supplies at 573-231-0556.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Health Services

What is Home Health Care?

Home Health care is when medical professionals come to the patient’s home to provide medical or therapeutic treatments or other services ordered by the patient’s doctor. Home care frequently reduces the length of hospitalization by making early discharge possible. It often prevents premature admission into a nursing home or other alternative care setting. And, most importantly, it enables patients to remain in their own homes, where family support and familiar surroundings enhance recovery. Home Health Care is a short-term service to help patients transition from the acute phase of illness to independence with their care.  

What services does HRH Home Health offer?

HRH Home Health offers Skilled Nursing Care such as vital sign monitoring, phlebotomy and lab monitoring, wound/incisional care, medication management, infusion treatment including PICC line care, disease management, and patient/family/caregiver education. Therapeutic Services such as Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy are also offered in home. We also provide Social Services to assist in identifying community resources aimed at helping a patient remain in their home.

How can I obtain HRH Home Health services?

A referral is needed for Home Health Services. If you feel you would benefit from Home Health Care speak to one of the following for a referral:
  • Discharging physician from hospital
  • Primary care physician or specialist
  • Alternative care facility upon discharge
  • What are the eligibility requirements for an individual to receive skilled medical care?

    To receive Home Health Care through Medicare, a patient must be eligible for Medicare, under a physician’s care, and be homebound and require medically necessary skilled nursing or therapy services. If the patient has commercial insurance: preauthorization is required and a physician order for medically necessary skilled nursing or therapy services.

    What sort of payment does HRH Home Health accept?

    Some private insurance and Medicare usually will cover the cost of Home Health Services. Some insurance companies may require a co-pay but this is not billed until after services are rendered. Payment arrangements can be made as well through the billing department.

    Are HRH Home Health staff members available around the clock, seven days a week?

    Nurses are on call 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

    Does HRH Home Health check references and perform criminal background checks before hiring care givers?

    Yes, every prudent check is performed on potential employees before they are hired by HRH Home Health and sent to patients’ homes.

    Does HRH Home Health provide a list of references?

    Yes, references can be provided if requested.

    Do I need to fill out any special paperwork?

    HRH Home Health will complete your paperwork for you.

    What sort of credentialing does HRH Home Health have?

    HRH Home Health is accredited by the Joint Commission and certified by Medicare/Medicaid. HRH is licensed in Missouri and Illinois. The department is affiliated with Missouri Alliance for Home Care and the Illinois Homecare Council.

    What does the AMA (American Medical Association) have to say about home health care?

    The AMA supports the use of Home Health care, which can often be the best option for patients who prefer to recuperate at home.