Speak Up: Help Avoid Mistakes with Your Medicines


Hannibal Regional Hospital is committed to health care quality and patient safety. We encourage you to take an active role with your nurse in your daily care.

Patient and family involvement in the medication management process can reduce medication errors. One safety measure used by nurses to prevent medication errors is the Five Rights of Medication Administration.

Know Our Safety Guideline:
The Five Rights of Medication Administration

  1. The Right Patient
  2. The Right Time and Frequency of Administration
  3. The Right Dose
  4. The Right Route
  5. The Right Drug

How to Use the 5 Rights of Medication Administration

Patients can assist in their medication administration and the use of the “five rights of medication administration.” Here's how:
  • Make sure your nurse properly identifies you.
  • Ask your nurse what medication is being given to you and why.
  • Ask how much of the medication was ordered by your physician and how often you are to receive the drug and by what route is the medication to be given (pill, injection or through an IV)

    Take an active role in reducing medication errors at Hannibal Regional Hospital … and Speak up! We appreciate your involvement in your care!