About Chapel & Pastoral Care

The beautiful Hannibal Regional Hospital Chapel is always available to patients, families, visitors and team members for personal reflection and devotion.

Throughout the history of Hannibal Regional Hospital there has been a commitment to provide the nurturing reassurance of pastoral care to assist in the healing process. Interdenominational services and resources have been and are available to meet the spiritual needs of patients, families and our own hospital team members.

Ministers who comprise the Pastoral Care department have chosen healthcare as a special focus for their spiritual work. The Pastoral Care Department of Hannibal Regional Hospital is made up of staff chaplains and volunteering ministers who are available upon request.


How to Access Chaplain/Chapel Services

Chaplain: Call 573-248-1300. Ask to speak with a chaplain.
l: pastoral.care@hannibalregional.org

Services Offered:

  • Assist in the healing process
  • Address spiritual and religious needs of patients
  • Assist in times of trauma and distress
  • Provide support to patient families and care givers
  • Are available to serve at every hour of every day
  • Assist area ministers in providing support
  • Provide crisis intervention, pastoral referral and helpful literature
  • Ministry is also available at the James E. Cary Cancer Center, HRH Clinics, and HRH Home Health