Bariatric surgery is considered an effective treatment for obesity in individuals who have not had long-term success with other measures for weight loss.

To be considered for weight loss surgery, each patient must view an online educational presentation or attend an in-person seminar and complete a new patient health history form. 

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Jessica Bauman

New London, MO

Jessica credits Dr. Goriparthi for giving her her life back. “I never felt rushed by him, when I would call with a concern, he would personally call me back,” Jessica says. “I felt a more personal connection because of that, which really helped me through this process.”

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Michaela Linebaugh

Marceline, MO

Michaela’s weight loss resulted from a combination of medication, exercise and diet changes. However, Michaela says medication is not the biggest part of the treatment to lose weight. “The support and motivation from Dr. Yerragorla and her nurse Nikita were really the key to my success.”

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Joe Buntin

Hannibal, MO

In the spring of 2021, Joe was using nearly 300 units of insulin and taking 12 medications per day to control his diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and dangerously high triglyceride levels. “I was seriously unhealthy,” Joe admits.

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Victoria Martin

Palmyra, MO

Since having weight loss surgery, Victoria has been able to shed a staggering 196 lbs. “I feel like a completely different person! I’m energized and actually experiencing life now, not just living day-to-day,” exclaims Victoria.  Best of all Victoria no longer has diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnea.

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Mike Rohn

Pittsfield, IL

Mike Rohn of Pittsfield, IL is no stranger to pain. For years he suffered from severe back and knee pain, leading to back surgery in 2019 and then later that year Mike had a total knee replacement.

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Rachael Selmon

Hannibal, MO

Before Rachael’s Bariatric surgery she felt stuck, depressed, and disappointed in herself for letting food addiction have so much control over her life. “My body hurt, I struggled to do simple tasks. I was weak, mentally and physically.”

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