Rachael Selmon

Hannibal, MO

Before Rachael’s Bariatric surgery she felt stuck, depressed, and disappointed in herself for letting food addiction have so much control over her life. “My body hurt, I struggled to do simple tasks. I was weak, mentally and physically. I love food, all food, I think about food all the time. It’s a legal addiction that surrounds us in everything we do, everywhere we go.” After being in the Hannibal Regional Weight Management program for a year and losing 92 pounds Rachael is feeling recharged, important, worthy, stronger, and more confident. “Now I’m not afraid to try new things and I know I can control this path in life and it’s not controlling me.”

“Simple things make me smile, playing and keeping up with my grandkids on the floor or at the park,” says Rachael. She is off most medications and her activity level has increased. “I had hypertension and struggled with my asthma which is more controlled since surgery. My knees and back and feet don’t hurt like they did before. I feel healthier and that makes me excited to continue learning and trying new things.” Rachael says she has been the happiest with her mental growth. “Dealing with my addiction, being more confident, and realizing I am important and worthy of a better life has made a huge difference."

When asked if there were any unexpected benefits she experienced from your surgery, Rachael said, “This experience has taught me that it was okay to reach out for help because this is a real issue, no different than any other health issue.”

Hannibal Regional's Weight Management Solutions team is made up of individuals committed to guiding you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to provide excellent care and education, to achieve this we have put together a comprehensive team that will be involved with your care both before and after surgery. For more information about our weight management solutions call 573-248-5407.

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