Ashley Frantz

New London, MO

Ashley Frantz of New London, Mo., is an equestrian enthusiast and had always maintained an active lifestyle with an average weight of 150-170 lbs. But in her mid-thirties, she was startled to find her weight had risen to 235 lbs. She noticed that this change had impacted her lifestyle significantly; she spent less time with her beloved horses, abandoned physical hobbies she once enjoyed, and felt so uncomfortable in her own skin that she avoided social interactions. Determined to take control of her situation, she committed to regular exercise and healthy eating. While she initially saw some progress, she struggled with maintaining energy levels for consistent workouts and found herself turning to food as a coping mechanism for stress, which quickly reversed her progress.

Ashley had heard of the term “Medical Weight Loss” but was hesitant to explore it. It wasn't until a friend who had successfully lost weight through medical weight loss encouraged her to consider it. "My friend told me that my fears were simply untrue and that medically guided weight loss could be the support I needed," Ashley recalls.

Frustrated and feeling defeated, Ashley contacted Hannibal Regional Weight Management Solutions in January 2023. Following an initial evaluation, it was determined that she was a candidate for medical weight loss, and she was referred to Dr. Priyanka Yerragorla, an American Board of Obesity Medicine certified physician at Hannibal Regional Medical Group. Together, they developed a plan incorporating physical activity, healthy eating, and the use of an anti-obesity medication, that helps patients feel less hungry and fuller longer.

A year later, Ashley has lost 70 lbs. and was back to enjoying all her favorite activities. She works out daily, lifting weights and maintains a balanced diet. “The medication helped me take control of my eating habits, and seeing the results of my efforts motivated me to continue these healthy changes," she explains. Ashley credits her relationship with Dr. Yerragorla for her success, "Dr. Yerragorla has taught me so much about nutrition and making healthier food choices. She’s always supportive and works diligently to help me stay on track." Ashley continues, “I also appreciate how attentive Dr. Yerragorla’ s nurse Nikita is. She always calls you back right away, no matter how large or small your concern is, she makes you feel like a priority.”

After not riding her horses regularly for over five years, Ashley now rides two to four times a week and recently enjoyed a week-long camping trip with her horses, relishing every moment without the exhaustion she used to experience at her heavier weight. "I'm back to enjoying activities like mushroom hunting and fishing, and I enjoy being social again. I feel so much more confident and am really savoring life," she shares.

Ashley encourages anyone who feels stuck and defeated as she once did to seek help, "As long as you're willing to put in the effort, you won't regret it! Taking my friend's advice and reaching out for help was the best decision I've ever made."

To learn more about the medical weight loss options available at Hannibal Regional Weight Management Solutions call (573) 248-5407.

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