Weight Management Solutions Helps Area Resident Lose Over 150 Pounds


Mike Rohn of Pittsfield, IL is no stranger to pain. For years he suffered from severe back and knee pain, leading to back surgery in 2019 and then later that year Mike had a total knee replacement. Being a long haul truck driver for more than 27 years meant Mike usually had most of his meals on the go, which were not typically very healthy. This led to a gradual increase in weight gain over the years, and at the time of his knee surgery in 2019 Mike weighed over 360 pounds, had severe sleep apnea and high blood pressure. 

Mike’s first back surgery fixed some of the spots causing him pain, but his surgeon had told him he would need a second surgery to take care of the others. Later in 2020 Mike had an appointment with his spine surgeon, Dr. Rahul Basho of Midwest Orthopedic Specialists, to discuss plans for his second surgery. During that discussion Dr. Basho suggested that Mike meet with Dr. Mujeeb Siddiqui with the Weight Management Program at Hannibal Regional to see if he would be a candidate for bariatric sleeve surgery.  A reduction in his weight before another back surgery would help with his recovery and long-term results.

At his initial appointment in January of 2021, Dr. Siddiqui advised Mike to try and lose 20 pounds before proceeding with the bariatric surgery. After talking it over with his wife Janet, they decided to take Dr. Siddiqui’s advice and move forward with the plan he outlined and scheduled surgery for April 13, 2021. Mike worked with the Dietary Services group at Hannibal Regional, following meal plan ideas developed by certified dietitian Megan Kemp and her team. With their support, along with that of his wife Janet, Mike was able to lose 42 pounds by the day of his surgery. “It’s not always easy,” shares Mike. “But keeping focused on the long-term outcome, and having an awesome support team helps a ton. It’s absolutely necessary to have that!”

On the day of surgery Mike weighed 302 pounds. He was ready to move forward on his weight loss journey and eagerly anticipated good results. So Mike was frustrated when at his one-month check-up not only had he not lost any weight, he actually weighed six pounds more. This was due to fluids given during surgery and the hospital stay, and Dr. Siddiqui told Mike to be patient, the results would come. And he was right. At his three-month check-up Mike was down 25 pounds, a month later he was down to 228 pounds and today Mike weighs 218 pounds. 

The changes in Mike’s life go beyond the scale. The whole process got Mike more involved in his overall health, making better food choices and getting regular exercise. Mike credits his wife Janet with being absolutely key in his success. “Janet has been right there with me every step of the way, encouraging me and doing the meal plans with me. She’s lost over 30 pounds in the process too!” Dr. Siddiqui had given Mike a goal of getting rid of his cane and walking 3 miles a day by his one year check-up. Before even reaching the half-way mark, Mike had already met that goal, walking 2 ½-5 miles every day. “I feel better overall, I’m sleeping better, I have more energy. Lots of people I’ve known for years barely recognize me. I was nervous before we got started on this journey, but I’m so glad I stuck with it - Dr. Siddiqui did great for me!” 

To learn more about the Weight Management Solutions program at Hannibal Regional, call (573) 248-5407.