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Over the years Daniel Van Brooker from Plymouth, Illinois has seen many doctors and had numerous types of treatments for various ailments. Most of his medical care has been fairly routine and handled through his primary care provider close to home. However, when he began having back pain recently things got a bit more complicated. After having several spinal fusions done which did little to relieve his pain, Daniel’s local provider referred him to the experts at the Hannibal Regional Spine Center for specialized treatment. With over 25 years of experience treating a wide range of conditions, Dr. Rahul Basho and Dr. Luvell Glanton have helped thousands of patients in their journey to better health. 

During his initial appointment with Dr. Basho, Daniel says he knew immediately he was in the right place. “These guys have tons of patients, they are BUSY - but when I am in the room with either one of them, they are totally focused on what I am saying. It’s like I am the only patient they have and they are only thinking about how to fix ME.” It seemed that Daniel would need another spinal fusion in a different location, so he went in for surgery with Dr. Basho in May 2021. Dr. Basho repaired the six fusions which had previously been done for Daniel, then performed a new one at L2/L3.  After surgery Daniel began regular appointments with Dr. Glanton for post-surgery pain management. According to Daniel, “The follow-up care is simply amazing. I received several calls from everyone checking on me in those next few days after - Dr. Basho, his nurse Ashley, all their staff - they really care!”

 Even though he is retired, Daniel still leads an active life. Regular work around his farm, travel with his wife and friends, even a good night’s sleep - all of these things have been impacted by his back pain. Daniel continues to work with Dr. Basho and Dr. Glanton when other issues come up - he knows that Dr. Basho and Dr. Glanton will find the answer. “These two guys, you want them in your corner. They work TOGETHER - I’ve never had that before with my other doctors. Their closeness and commitment to helping people is amazing. Finding my fix, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. And that’s what they do with every single patient they have. They’re not gonna give up on you.” 

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