Hannibal Regional Hospital Welcomes First Baby of 2022


Amber Larenson and Jordan Penrose celebrated the New Year with the birth of their daughter Evren. With an expected due date of January 2, the couple knew it was a possibility that theirs would be the New Year’s Baby at Hannibal Regional. Then when Amber’s induction was set for January 1, Jordan was certain that Baby Evren would be first. With numerous other babies also due around that time, Amber was a bit more skeptical. However when Evren arrived at 3:10pm on January 1, she was indeed the first baby born in 2022 at Hannibal Regional.  

Hannibal Regional presents their New Year’s babies with gift baskets full of items, and Hannibal La-Grange University donates a $2,000 scholarship.  Diane Bibb, DNP, Director of Women’s Care, shares, “It’s always an exciting time around the new year to see which baby comes first. This is (Amber & Jordan’s) first child, so that makes it even more special for them. We are all so happy for their new family!”  

Pictured with the family are Wendy Harrington, President & CEO Hannibal Regional Foundation and Diane Bibb, DNP, RNC-MNN