Free Prostate Cancer Screenings Offered at Hannibal Regional Medical Group in 2022


According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in American men. The chance of getting prostate cancer goes up as a man gets older and most prostate cancers are found in men over the age of 55.

In honor of Prostate Cancer Awareness month, Hannibal Regional Medical Group is offering free prostate cancer screenings on September 20th from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm at Hannibal Regional Medical Group. An appointment is required and space is limited so don’t delay, make your appointment today by calling (573) 406-1641.

Dr. Viacheslav Iremashvili, Urologist at Hannibal Regional Medical Group, says “prostate cancer is one of a few tumors for which we have a safe and effective way of early detection through PSA blood test and prostate exam. The screening allows us to find prostate cancers early on when they are still curable and therefore able to save lives.”

Screenings are the only way to catch prostate cancer before it becomes dangerous to you or your loved one. Screenings are not just for men who might have symptoms of prostate cancer. Since all men are at risk for prostate cancer, Dr. Iremashvili suggests “all men over the age of 55 should be screened every year for the disease.” Prostate cancer develops more often in African American men and Caribbean men of African ancestry than those of other races and those men should be screened annually beginning at age 40. Additionally having one or more close relatives with prostate cancer also increases a man’s risk of having prostate cancer and they should be screened annually beginning at age 40.

Prostate cancer has no symptoms in its early stages of development. Most men who have prostate cancer may not even know it, which is why regular screenings are so important. The screening will include both a digital rectal examination and a prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test. The two tests together can often detect cancer before it becomes symptomatic, leading to earlier treatments and better outcomes. The free screenings are provided by medical professionals from Hannibal Regional Medical Group.

There are some symptoms which should raise a red flag for any man. These symptoms, which could also appear with benign enlargement of the prostate, might be experienced as prostate cancer progresses. Symptoms include: difficulty starting urination, a need to urinate frequently (especially at night), inability to urinate, weak or interrupted flow of urine (dribbling), painful or burning urination, painful ejaculation, blood in urine or semen, and frequent pain or stiffness in the back, hips, or upper thighs.

An appointment is required and space is limited so don’t delay, make your appointment today by calling Hannibal Regional Medical Group at (573) 406-1641.