Men’s Health: Prevention and Screenings Are Key to Better Health


Screening tests can catch serious diseases in very early stages before they do major damage to your health.  Many people think of the doctor's office as someplace you only go when you're sick. But it's important to have an occasional visit when you're well too.  “All men should have a few routine screening tests. These tests can help catch health problems early, before they've progressed enough to cause symptoms, and if treatment is necessary it is more likely to be fully effective if a condition is found in early stages,” says Dr. Erick Calmet, family medicine physician at Hannibal Regional Medical Group. 

With proper routine care, many health conditions are preventable.  There are many diseases that can affect anyone, such as heart disease, cancer or diabetes.  There are some conditions, such as prostate cancer, that are unique to men.  “The recommended screenings will vary based on age, risk factors and overall health. The best way to stay on top of your screening schedule is to visit a primary care provider yearly,” recommends Dr. Calmet.  Most insurance plans cover the cost of an annual exam which provides an opportunity to catch up on routine screenings, discuss your health with your provider and receive personalized recommendations for health improvement.

A few of the common screenings recommended at yearly wellness visits are vaccinations, blood pressure check, cholesterol check and depending on your age, a prostate cancer screening.  “Your provider may also make recommendations based on your personal risk factors. For example, if you have high blood pressure, you might need a diabetes screening.  Having a routine visit with your primary care provider allows you to focus on your overall health including your preventative health needs,” says Dr. Calmet.

Routine appointments and regular screenings are key to maintaining good health.  To schedule an appointment, call Hannibal Regional Medical Group at (573) 629-3500.