Hannibal Regional Physicians Offer New Medical Weight Loss Options


More than one in three adults in the United States is obese. Obesity can increase the risk of various health problems, leading to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, anxiety, and depression. In addition, being obese can reduce one’s quality of life and shorten one’s lifespan by as much as ten years. 

Hannibal Regional Medical Group Physicians Dr. Purvi Parikh, endocrinologist, and Dr. Priyanka Yerragorla, internal medicine, now offer a nonsurgical medical weight loss program.  Both physicians are certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM). 

“As a board-certified Endocrinologist, I have always treated people with obesity. I began practicing in this community in January 2001. I have also obtained my board certification in Obesity Medicine to better serve our community. Over the years, we have seen a significant increase in obesity. Fortunately for all, we have a variety of options that we can offer to people with obesity, such as lifestyle intervention, medications as well as surgical treatments. In addition to our nonsurgical weight loss program, we are fortunate to offer a nationally accredited bariatric surgical program here in Hannibal. We have seen good results with all of the treatment options at Hannibal Regional when patients commit to the treatment plan and lifestyle modifications. The future is bright with general awareness, education, and available care right here at Hannibal Regional. I am happy to help all in need,” explains Dr. Parikh. 

New Nonsurgical Medical Weight Loss Program

The new nonsurgical medical weight loss program offered by Dr. Parikh and Dr. Yerragorla is a 360-degree evaluation of the many factors contributing to a patient’s weight. Dr. Parikh and Dr. Yerragorla take a comprehensive, personalized approach to developing a treatment plan that allows patients to achieve their health and weight loss goals. 

“Obesity is a multifactorial disease that requires a multidisciplinary approach. There are many causes of obesity; genetics, environmental, behavioral, and physiologic factors all play an important role. In addition, every patient is different, and the intertwining of these etiologies can cause obesity. Therefore, gathering as much patient information as possible, such as personal and family history, is important to help patients make healthier choices and provide them with tools to keep the weight off. In some cases, lack of exercise or poor diet does not contribute to their obesity. Instead, they may suffer from medical disorders contributing to their weight. In addition, every person has an adaptation set in the body, which can impact hormones and cause a person to gain weight. As a result, many patients can successfully lose weight but either gain the weight back quickly or have difficulty keeping the unhealthy weight off. This program provides yet another obesity treatment option for patients in our area,” explains Dr. Yerragorla. 

For more information on the nonsurgical medical weight loss program at Hannibal Regional or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Parikh or Dr. Yerragorla, call (573) 629-3500.