Hannibal Regional Hospital Chris Coon's Women's Center Upgrades to New State-of-the Art Laboring Pool


The Chris Coon’s Women's Center at Hannibal Regional Hospital recently upgraded their low intervention delivery room with a state-of-the-art laboring pool. Unlike any other laboring pool options in the area, the Active II laboring pool by Active Birth Pools uses the latest advancements in design, materials and engineering to take this award-winning water laboring pool to new levels of safety, usability and end-user satisfaction.
Active Birth Pools worked closely with midwives, mothers, obstetricians, infection control and manual handling experts to develop the world’s first specially designed, hospital-grade laboring pool. “We have considered the dynamics at play when mothers and nurses or midwives interact with each other and the pool, and employed evidence-based, user-centered ergonomic design principles to develop water laboring pools that are the most comfortable, practical and easy-to-use.” Says Tim Johnson Grass spokesperson for Active Birth Pools. “Mothers have the space to move freely and comfortably and are supported in the postures natural to laboring. Mothers are able to instinctively find the positions that is most comfortable and beneficial to them. The pool also provides secure, safe, stable support for women to enter and leave the pool and for nurses or partners to lean or rest on while attending the mother,” he explains.
Anna Tegg of Hannibal was the first mother to benefit from using the new laboring pool during her labor at Hannibal Regional. "I got into the pool and immediately experienced the best contraction relief I've ever had. The combination of the position and the water physically and mentally relaxed me to the point where contractions became very manageable," she explained.
"One great feature of this pool is that it is designed to completely submerge the laboring woman and allow her to be in multiple positions for a more comfortable labor. We can also easily transition her from the pool to a bed for the birth of her baby," explains Diane Bibb, Director of the Women’s Care Unit.
Hannibal Regional Hospital’s Chris Coons Women’s Care Center is dedicated to giving women the choices they need to have the birthing experience they desire. We offer the latest in comfort options including nitrous oxide, low-intervention birthing options, VBAC options, as well as the highest level of surgical technology if needed.
For more information about delivery options please call 573-629-3500 to schedule an appointment with an obstetrician.