Weight Management Solutions Helps Palmyra Woman Live a Better Life


At 388 pounds, Victoria Martin of Palmyra, Missouri felt tired all the time. “I had no energy to do anything in my life, and I felt like I was missing out on so many experiences by just simply existing,” Victoria explains. Along with the physical toll on her body, Victoria’s weight was wreaking havoc on her overall health. In addition to taking lots of anti-inflammatory medications to relieve the pain in her joints, she was on medication for diabetes and high blood pressure and wearing a CPAP mask to sleep at night.

Victoria knew that she wanted more out of life than what her weight was limiting her to, so she decided to meet with Dr. Mujeeb Siddiqui at Hannibal Regional Medical Group. Dr. Siddiqui is a board certified general surgeon fellowship trained in bariatrics. “I am passionate about improving my patients’ quality of life by approaching each patient with an empathetic, honest attitude,” says Dr. Siddiqui.

It was decided that the best option for Victoria would be a procedure called a Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy. With this procedure the surgeon removes 80% of the stomach. The new stomach holds less food and liquid helping reduce the amount of food and calories that are consumed. By removing the portion of the stomach that produces most of the “hunger hormone,” the surgery has a direct effect on the metabolism. It decreases hunger, increases fullness, and allows the body to reach and maintain a healthy weight as well as blood sugar control. “The simple nature of the operation makes it very safe without the potential complications from surgery on the small intestine,” explains Dr. Siddiqui.

Since having weight loss surgery, Victoria has been able to shed a staggering 196 lbs. “I feel like a completely different person! I’m energized and actually experiencing life now, not just living day-to-day,” exclaims Victoria. Best of all Victoria no longer has diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnea. “No more finger sticks, no taking tons of medications, no more dragging my CPAP on trips - none of that!”

In addition to surgery, Victoria credits consistent follow-up appointments, the availability of the dietitians as well as support group meetings with helping her successfully lose weight. Victoria says, “The program is phenomenal about monitoring your measurements at every appointment, so you get to see that data change as you make progress.”

One of Victoria’s proudest feats has been tackling downtown Hannibal’s infamously challenging lighthouse steps. Victoria describes, “I started at the bottom, and went all the way to the top, and ran when I got to the top. When I got back down to street level, I turned right around and did it a second time! I’ve never had that kind of endurance before - I would get winded just taking my laundry upstairs.” Victoria is also enjoying having the energy to take more trips and has even started a “Couch to 5k” running program.

Victoria says this experience has left her with feelings of great accomplishment and peace. “I feel at home in my own body for the first time in my adult life.”

If you’re considering weight loss surgery we encourage you to attend one of our FREE monthly informational seminars to learn more about the weight loss surgery options available through Weight Management Solutions at Hannibal Regional. For more information or to RSVP for the in-person seminar call (573) 248-5407.