Medical Weight Loss Helps Young Mother Improve Quality of Life


Michaela Linebaugh of Marceline, Missouri has a very beautiful life. She is married to her high school sweetheart with two beautiful children. Yet, one big issue was overtaking her life. Her obesity was seriously diminishing her physical and mental health.

“After years of struggling I was desperate for a solution, little did I know Hannibal Regional had the tools I needed to change my life forever,” Michaela explains. She first consulted with a bariatric surgeon and decided that surgery wasn’t for her. She was then referred to Dr. Priyanka Yerragorla and the Medical Weight Loss Program. With a body mass index of 47 kg/m2 and comorbid conditions of hypertension, chronic joint pain, chronic fatigue, mental health issues, and binge eating disorder she was considered a candidate for treatment. In October of 2022 Michela began her medical weight loss journey.

In just ten months of working with Dr. Yerragorla on her weight goals, Michaela has lost over 90 pounds. Her BMI is down to 36 kg/m2 and she no longer suffers from hypertension, chronic joint pain, or chronic fatigue. She says, “My mental health has vastly improved by using exercise as an outlet. In addition, the weight loss has improved my overall confidence in myself.”

Michaela’s weight loss resulted from a combination of medication, exercise and diet changes. However, Michaela says medication is not the biggest part of the treatment to lose weight. “The support and motivation from Dr. Yerragorla and her nurse Nikita were really the key to my success.” Michaela describes. She says that they helped her learn not to focus on a number and instead set health victories as her goals. They urged her to make exercise a priority and to make food choices that fueled her body rather than emotional eating.

She encourages others that are struggling with their weight not to wait. “Pick up the phone and access this life-changing program right here at home. You won’t regret it!”

For more information on the nonsurgical medical weight loss program at Hannibal Regional or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yerragorla, call (573) 629-3500.