Choosing Care Close to Home Helped New London Woman Change Her LIfe


After years of emotional eating and not having a good understanding of nutrition Jessica Bauman, of New London, Missouri says her weight had crept to over 300 pounds. Jessica describes, “At that weight, I couldn’t keep up with my three very active sons, I was always physically exhausted, and it had taken a huge toll on me mentally and emotionally.” Jessica had contemplated having obesity surgery for years. She had even gone as far as scheduling the procedure in Columbia, Missouri, but after struggling to make it through their mandatory liquid diet she ultimately backed out two days before surgery.

Even though she had backed out of surgery, Jessica still thought about it quite often and continued to research the different types of surgeries. She became familiar with the Duodenal Switch (DS) procedure and thought that it might be the surgery she could have the best outcome with. Her suspicion was solidified when her cousin, who had dealt with many of the same weight struggles, underwent the DS procedure and assured her that it was the right choice.

Frustrated and fed up with carrying around the extra weight, Jessica spoke to her primary care physician about what options they thought would be best for her. Her doctor encouraged her to request a consultation with a local bariatric surgeon. While researching the local options for weight loss surgery, Hannibal Regional’s Weight Management Solutions website appeared in her search. She thought it would be best to contact multiple surgeons and compare them. She found that Hannibal Regional Weight Management Solutions was much quicker to respond and get her into the office for a consultation. So much quicker that by the time the other local surgeon’s office called her back, she had already been to her appointment at Hannibal Regional and had made her mind up that she wanted to have her weight loss surgery with Dr. Richie Goriparthi.

“From the first time I met with Dr. Goriparthi and his nurse Ali, I felt that this was where I was meant to be. Their personalities sealed the deal for me,” Jessica says. “I know they have lots of other patients, but they were so quick to respond - to phone calls, questions, everything! And when I went for my appointments, they were focused on ME - no rushing, no assuming what was best for me.” During her appointment, Dr.Goriparthi discussed all the various procedural options. Jessica had done her research and came in well-prepared. Dr. Goriparthi was impressed with Jessica’s understanding of the procedure and her commitment to a new lifestyle afterward and agreed that the DS procedure would be best for her in achieving sustainable long-term weight loss and reduce the likelihood of weight recurrence.

This time around Jessica was still nervous about having surgery but the faith she had in her support team at Hannibal Regional gave her the courage she needed, and on July 25, 2022, Jessica had the DS weight loss surgery. One year later Jessica has lost 135 lbs. and says she now has the full life she had always hoped for. She explains, “In the past at public events, I would have anxiety about my body coming in contact with other people. Now I go to sporting events and sit comfortably without that fear. I’m really excited to fly, which is something I would have dreaded before due to the compact size of the seats.” The best part for Jessica is that she is setting a good example for her children. “They see me exercising, I am teaching them about food and nutrition, they see me making healthier choices and they want to do the same,” she describes.

Jessica credits Dr. Goriparthi for giving her her life back. “I never felt rushed by him, when I would call with a concern, he would personally call me back,” Jessica says. “I felt a more personal connection because of that, which really helped me through this process.”

Jessica encourages others considering weight loss surgery to do their research. “I want people to know that it’s okay to ask for help, you are not the first person to struggle with this,” she says. For more information about how Hannibal Regional’s Weight Management Solutions can help you, call (573) 248-5407.