Hannibal Regional Welcomes Vascular Surgeon Dr. Scott Gard


Hannibal Regional is excited to introduce the addition of Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Scott Gard to their team.  Dr. Gard completed his medical education at the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine and furthered his expertise through general surgery residency at the University of Missouri – Kansas City.  His journey continued with a fellowship in Vascular Surgery at the University of Tennessee – Memphis. 

Vascular surgeons treat diseases within the vascular system, the network of arteries and veins carrying blood throughout the body. Beyond surgery, they guide patients on various treatments, including medication, diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.  Dr. Gard shares, “I chose vascular surgery secondary to the severe nature of the illness as well as the complexity of the decision making regarding treatment plans.” 

“I grew up in rural Northwest Missouri and chose to join Hannibal Regional to be able to make a difference in providing care to rural communities,” says Dr. Gard. “A large portion of my family are farmers and I understand the hardship that traveling away from home for medical care can have.”  With the addition of Dr. Gard Hannibal Regional is able to continue adding needed services for the community, offering more choices for specialized without having to travel.  

Dr. Gard finds it rewarding to see patients continue to live a productive life and helping his patients find the best treatment option for their condition.  “The most rewarding thing that I do involves the salvage of limbs, preventing strokes, and dealing with problems that can severely restrict a patient’s ability to function or continue living a productive life.  My priority for my patients is to assist them with the best decision to treat their often very complicated conditions,” says Dr. Gard. 

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gard at Hannibal Regional Medical Group, call (573) 629-3500.