Hannibal Regional Makes Oklahoma Man Feel At Home


Steve Wheeler, of Talihina, Oklahoma, works for a solar energy company and has been temporarily staying in Northeast Missouri while working on a large project in the area. One morning, Steve woke to excruciating stomach pain, a sensation all too familiar—he had an intestinal blockage and knew he needed immediate medical attention. Over 20 years ago, Steve was in an ATV accident that caused major trauma to his abdomen. Since then, he has been hospitalized four times due to bowel obstructions caused by scar tissue resulting from his injuries.

As Steve weighed his options, he debated whether to travel over an hour to Saint Louis or to go to Hannibal Regional, just a few miles away. Recognizing the urgency, he hesitantly decided to drive to the Hannibal Regional Emergency Department. Upon arrival, Steve was surprised by the attentiveness and concern of the medical staff. "Every single person I encountered was excellent, never questioning or pushing back on my symptoms. They responded quickly and compassionately to my concerns," Steve recounted. Dr. Richie Goriparthi, a general surgeon at Hannibal Regional Medical Group, was called to consult on Steve’s condition. Unlike previous hospitals, where the root cause of Steve's obstructions was never addressed, Dr. Goriparthi proposed surgery to remove the scar tissue and resolve the problem for good.

A few days later, Steve underwent surgery where Dr. Goriparthi assessed his entire bowels meticulously and eliminated all scar tissue, restoring his intestines to pristine condition. "Looking back, I am so thankful I chose to come to Hannibal Regional!" Steve exclaimed. "Dr. Goriparthi and his surgical team were excellent; their positive attitudes were palpable and really set the stage for my healing."

Due to being far from home, Steve's family was unable to be by his side throughout his recovery. However, Steve noted that the nursing staff at Hannibal Regional Hospital made him feel at home. "They all treated me like I was their dad and were so caring. My entire course of care was about me; never was there any focus on their team or what might be going on in their worlds. Every point of contact was focused on what I needed as a patient."

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