Robotic Surgery Results in a Better Life


surBecky Buckman of Stoutsville, MO had struggled with extreme acid reflux and heartburn for 16 years following an accident which led to abdominal trauma.  Becky’s daughter is a nurse at Hannibal Regional Medical Group and they were discussing her symptoms when Dr. Richie Goriparthi’s name was suggested.  Dr. Goriparthi is a general and robotic surgeon with Hannibal Regional Medical Group and Becky decided to schedule a consultation with him. 

“My symptoms were getting progressively worse,”  Becky shares.  “The reflux and heartburn were making it difficult to participate in normal activities with my friends and family and I would often go to bed early because I wasn’t feeling well.  I knew it was time to try something different when I went to the emergency room with pain so intense I thought I was having a heart attack.” 

“When I first saw Becky she was suffering from chronic reflux disease even though she had made diet changes and had been receiving medical treatment for years.  Her symptoms had gotten progressively worse and she was also diagnosed with hiatal hernia which is when a portion of the stomach migrates into the chest,” says Dr. Goriparthi.  “We had an in-depth discussion about her situation and the potential surgical options available to help her.  After completing the necessary evaluations we performed a robotic hiatal hernia repair with Nissen Fundoplication.” 

Becky was nervous before the procedure because she had several other family members undergo similar procedures with varied success.  “I did a lot of research on the procedure and Dr. Goriparthi,” says Becky. “The combination of rapport I felt with him during our consultation and the results of my research helped me feel comfortable and less nervous the closer I got to the procedure date.” 

“Becky’s procedure went great and she recovered extremely well,” shares Dr. Goriparthi.  “During her follow-up appointments she reports doing really well with no reflux symptoms and is not taking any medications! She reports spending quality time with her family and grandchildren during Christmas.” 

“I feel wonderful now.  I haven’t had reflux or heartburn since the procedure and can go to sleep without pain.  I probably feel the best I’ve ever felt - at least in the 16 years since my accident!” says Becky.  “I feel like this procedure changed my life.  I’m able to participate with my friends and family without always having to leave early due to not feeling well.  I feel good enough to get back to exercising and reached my goal weight for the first time ever.” 

“Dr. Goriparthi took the time to give me so much information, he has even helped me learn to eat correctly to maintain a healthy weight.  I feel like he has given me a clear path to succeed and keep succeeding,” says Becky.  “After my surgery Dr. Goriparthi came into my room and sat next to my bed and stayed as if he was my visitor.  I would never expect a doctor to sit and visit like that - Dr. Goriparthi truly cares.” 

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