Past Projects and Initiatives

Along with our current campaigns and initiatives, the Foundation has had great success with past projects as well. The results and impact on the healthcare of our area are below.

Believe Campaign

Heroes Fund

Goal: NA   Raised: $180,970.79

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges for our community as well as for our team members. However, during those difficult times our team of more than 1,200 individuals worked tirelessly to keep our community safe and healthy. The Heroes Fund offered assistance to Hannibal Regional Healthcare System team members who met personal / financial challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Believe Campaign

Believe Campaign

Goal: $2,000,000 Raised: $2,126,516

The Believe Campaign (2013-2017) raised funds to provide new state of the art technologies in cancer care, surgery, and to build endowed funds for future projects.

Today. Tomorrow. Together.

Today. Tomorrow. Together

Goal: $175,000   Raised:  $233,854

Today, Tomorrow, Together Campaign
(2018) raised funds to assist in expanding surgical capacities through construction and technology in the surgical suites.

The Cherish Campaign

The Cherish Campaign

Goal: $160,000  Raised:  $210,673

The Cherish Campaign (2017) raised funds to aid in bringing new technology, resources and women’s health services to our community.

Back to BETTER

Back to BETTER Campaign

Goal:  $150,000   Raised:  $192,690

The  Back To BETTER Campaign (2016) raised funds to assist in offering Inpatient Rehabilitation services at Hannibal Regional. The addition of Inpatient Rehabilitation Services to our community is an important service in meeting all of the health needs of our community, and helping our patients get back to better after an illness or injury.

Believe Campaign

Healthy Way Campaign

$180,000 Raised: $180,089

The Healthy Way Campaign (2013) has reached the goal of $180,000. The campaign raised funds to build a community fitness trail on the Hannibal Medical Campus. The fitness trail connects all campus locations and is a complete fitness trail around the Hannibal Medical Campus. The trail, over a mile long, is accessible to the community and offers a safe location to exercise.

Healthy Way Fitness Trail Map

Legacy Campaign

Legacy Campaign

Goal: $130,000 Raised: $270,742

The Legacy Campaign was an investment in the future and raised funds for our endowment which is a key resource for funding important projects and services in the future. An endowment is a pool of assets that a portion of which is made available for charitable purposes annually. Endowment funds are very important for a variety of reasons, with the most prominent of these is that an endowment provides a source of ongoing annual support to address important projects and services.

Heart to Heart Campaign

Heart to Heart Campaign

Goal: $150,000 Raised: $162,077

The Heart to Heart Campaign (2012) raised funds to assist in the creation of a state of the art digital cardiac network which ensures life-saving care is only a heartbeat away, by facilitating 24-7 access to cardiologists for reading and diagnosis of critical cardiac events.

Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope Campaign

Goal: $100,000 Raised: $150,967

The Rays of Hope Campaign (2011) raised funds for state of the art equipment and resources at the James E. Cary Cancer Center.

Comfort and Assurance

Comfort and Assurance

Goal: $75,000 Raised: $131,309

The Comfort and Assurance Campaign (2010) raised funds to offer patient and family amenities such as: wireless internet access to families and patients, family communication systems, art work and room amenities, waiting room amenities, and family and patient care packages.