Compassionate Giving

You may have noticed that many of the truly good things in this world are a result of people opening their hearts. This generosity is often a thank you for assistance received in the past, an expression of compassion for a mission that touched someone’s heart or the result of witnessing the inspiring story of someone in need. 

Your options for giving are almost as abundant as your reasons for giving – and we appreciate any support you have to offer.

Here are just six of the many ways you can support our healthcare system:

  1. Give today – You can give a little every year or one lump sum to help us provide for operational necessities. Five year pledges are accepted as well as payroll deduct for HRHS team members.
  2. Include us in your last will and testament – Cash or property that you designate in your will can help future generations.
  3. Establish a charitable gift annuity – When you donate cash or marketable securities, which in turn provide you with fixed payments for life, you truly give and receive.
  4. Donate life insurance – You can easily support our mission by naming us as a beneficiary on a policy you already own.
  5. Consider your retirement plan assets – Naming us to receive a percentage of your plan using the plan’s beneficiary designation form is an easy way to leave a lasting legacy.
  6. Give property – If you have a house or another piece of property you no longer want to manage, you can use it to help us continue our important work.

Thank you for your support!

On behalf of the patients and their families whom Hannibal Regional will serve in the coming years, Thank You!  They will be the true recipients of your generosity.  It is individuals and businesses, such as you, who truly make a difference in our community and in our healthcare system.  Please accept our sincere appreciation for your support.

For information on other ways to support Hannibal Regional Healthcare System, please contact our office at 573-629-3577. Together, we are building a healthier future in this region.

Thank you again for supporting Hannibal Regional Healthcare System!